Hot Paws Kit Instructions

The do-it-yourself kit for creating a unique glass keepsake. Scroll and follow these easy 7 steps below to complete your Hot Paws project and/or watch the how video:


#1. Make A Snowball

Open the tin and roll the impression foam into a smooth ball. Flip the tin container over to Set the Stage.


#2. Set the Stage

Set your foam ball on top of the bottom base to Create the Disc.

TIP: Use the raised ring around the inside tin edge as a guide for size and placement.


#3. Create the Disc

Use the top of the tin to press the ball into a flat, round disc.

TIP: Be sure to keep the disc within the inside of the raised ring. Your disc must fit back inside the tin container in Step 6.


#4. press the paw

Press your pet’s paw firmly into the center of the foam to make a deep, clear impression.

TIP: The impression you make is exactly what will be replicated in glass. (Don’t be shy when pushing, it’s nice to get those nails!)


#5. drying time

Leave the impression undisturbed and let it dry on top of the tin for 48 hours. 

TIP: While drying, some small cracks may appear around the edges of your disc – this is normal. 


#6. drying time

Place the dry impression back into the container and close with the lid. Gather the tin, the return envelope, and the information card, then move to the final step – Mail it In! 

DON’T FORGET: Be sure to include your completed information card in the reply envelope! This is the only way we know where to send your personal glass art. 


#7. mail it in!

  • A. Complete the reverse side of the Information Card with your mailing information.
  • B. Tear off the panel along the perforated fold.
  • C. Place this card AND the tin containing your impression into the postage-paid reply envelope.
  • D. Seal the envelope and mail it via the U.S. Postal Service.

NOTE:  We will cast glass into the impression you return for an exact replica. Please make sure you are happy with it. Once dried, HOT PAWS™ are non-refundable. THANK YOU (AND YOUR PET!) Your personal glass keepsake will arrive within 4-6 weeks. Sorry, we don't ship outside the US.