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    550 Cookman Avenue • Asbury Park, NJ 07712 • 732.927.5475
    Plenty of parking on Lake Avenue, near Moonstruck Restaurant.

Walk-In Activities

Blow A...
Bubble, Drinking Glass, Ornament, Heart, Apple, Pumpkin, Paperweight.
Quick Cast
Make a cast of your design in molten glass with us.
Sun Tile
Arranging pre-cut glass pieces in your unique composition.

Made at Hot Sand!

Corey's Glass

I made this drinking glass at Hot Sand, in Asbury Park NJ :)
- Corey

In The News...

AP Vibe

Downtown Asbury Park has a new organization, promoting events and community.

Check out their website HERE! And LIKE them on Facebook HERE!


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What Say You?

So, what's cool about Hot Sand?

Welcome to Hot Sand Glass Studio in Asbury Park, NJ

Closed Easter Sunday! Have a Great day with your friends and Family :)

We are open next week for Spring Break!!!

Walk-in activities 12pm to 6pm except for Tuesday!


Glassblowing Hours                 Gallery Hours

M    closed                                               M    12pm - 8pm

T     closed                                               T     closed

W    closed                                               W    closed

Th   closed                                               Th   12pm - 8pm

Fr    12pm - 8pm                                      Fr    12pm - 10pm

Sat  12pm - 8pm                                      Sat   10am - 10pm

Sun 12pm - 6pm                                      Sun  10am - 6pm


The Hot Sand Glass Studio, the Jersey Shore's first public-access hot glass studio, is dedicated to promoting art glass through education, demonstration, and fun activities for all ages!

The Hot Sand Glass Studio, a fully-functioning hot glass studio, is suitable for several glass-making techniques:

  1. Blowing creates pieces that are, at some stage, hollow. (Takes a lot of practice.)
  2. Casting is pouring molten glass into a mold. (Takes a lot of planning.)
  3. Fusing is layering pieces of flat glass then melting them together. (Takes a lot of patience.)
  4. Slumping is heating glass just enough that it bends over a mold to make a shape. (Think specialty sinks.)

Hot Sand has 2 work stations (glory holes) and annealing ovens to accommodate different scales and schedules of work. (Annealing ovens cool the glass slowly ovenight).





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