Opaque Elephants


Opaque Elephants

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Have you Herd? Opaque Elephants are here! These are perfect for baby nursery decor or those nutz about elephants!

We think everyone needs a baby elephant in their life. As a hand-sculpted glass paperweight, Ellie is crafted in a way that continues to mystify visitors to Hot Sand. We first take 2 colors of molten hot glass, spiral them and pull them like a candy cane. Once long and thin, the colored glass is folded back and back on itself until it is a twisted, knotty mass. That mass is placed back in the furnace to be totally covered by another lens of clear glass, then shaped into your final form. A Glassblower pinches out the tail, sculpts legs and then adds a separate bit of glass for the trunk and ears. The glassblower then adds 2 eyes and Ellie is complete.

Size: 3" x 3.5"

Note: Not dishwasher safe.

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