Make a cast of your design in molten glass with us.

Stop in to create a lasting memory of your visit to Asbury Park. Just make an imprint in one of our small sandboxes and we'll pour molten glass into it — a complete glass experience that doesn't take an entire afternoon. We're near the, go practice your design at the water's edge, then come to our sandbox when you're ready!

Anyone can use our starfish molds or bring a shell from the beach. A QuickCast will keep any masterpiece from being washed back out to sea!

Visitors to Hot Sand will be able to make their own glass QuickCast in about twenty minutes.

All art glass must be annealed, cooled slowly overnight. Your QuickCast will be ready for pick-up seven days after it's made. (We will ship your Quickcast for an additional charge--see below.)


Prices subject to change

QuickCast Extras
add a color (per color) $ 7.50
engraving (date and/or name) $ 7.50
2 hands/feet in med/lg box $ 15
3 hands/feet in med/lg box $ 25
shipping$ 15

You MUST leave .5” between your impression and the edge of our QuickCast sand box.

QuickCasts are ready for pick-up seven days after it is made, after 3PM.

In order to cool properly, QuickCasts cannot be more than 1.5" thick.