Art is a Family Experience

Art is a Family Experience

From getting the kids to school on time, to your stressful day at work, to your never ending list of chores to do, getting one hour to yourself is often far and in between. But as you are wrapped up in everyday chores, time just slips by you. The idea of your little princess and/or prince heading into college (AHHH!) one day may seem unfathomable but it’s coming at you full throttle. Find the time to disconnect - put away technology and spend valuable art time with your kids right here at home in Asbury Park. Right here at Hot Sand! There are so many benefits to glass art -  not only the kids but for you too!


Reconnect with your kids

Rediscover your children’s personality - something that often gets overlooked with the everyday hustle and bustle. Kids learn so much within a short amount of time, you’ll be surprised at what they picked up recently! Here at Hot Sand, we recognize that one art activity doesn’t necessarily fit all - the recognition of different cognitive development is imperative for art time to be successful and engaging! You can make it a family affair as we have different walk in activities for your youngest such as Quickcast and Sun Tiling to advanced projects such as blowing your own glass projects. Or, you can make it extra special with one-on-one time with your children as we also have jewelry making workshops to advanced glassblowing! Your kids will instantly think you’re the coolest person again for allowing them to get creative and open up the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect.


Time to de-stress

Leave the stress of work and life on the back burner, even if it’s just for a little while. Art can be therapeutic for adults as you can get creative, boost your mood, and reduce stress. Glassblowing takes you out of the stressful home environment,  you won’t have to worry about teaching your kids new craft, and you can create something new. Keep the stress level at an all time low as we can take reservations beforehand. On weekends, we offer demonstrations for the whole family to see what glass art is really about and after, you can create your very own glass art piece! After all, what’s the best way to de-stress without having the whole family involved? Make glass art a family affair including the grandparents!


A lifetime of memories

Creating a piece of art together is a memory that will be cherished by everyone. A large art project will be so much more memorable - not only the art piece but the process itself serves as a great memory. You can mark a joyous occasion such as a birthday party, girl’s night out (and invite your Asbury Park family along!) or one with our many workshops will not only leave you with wonderful memories but an unique glass art masterpiece.

What may seem like just a small task or moment in time creating your very own glass art piece, it will serve as a precious memory in many years to come. We can’t wait to blow glass with you and your family!