Springtime Pet Fun with Hot Paws

Springtime Fun

Springtime is upon us! The weather is changing and with warmer days ahead there is definitely incentive to get outside. Your pet is also going to appreciate these warmer days, and who doesn’t love a long walk or a day in the park. There a ton of ways to enjoy the sunshine with your furry pal, here are a few of our faves—

Valuable Playtime

It sounds simple, but a little bit of playtime goes a long way. Playtime is not only a great way to show your pet you love them, but it is also a great way for you to check out, take a break, get active and soak up some sun.  Dog park or no dog park, a game of fetch or tug a war in the backyard or at the park is a fun time for everyone.

Play Dates

Do your greatest friends have pets? A fun way to hang out with your pup, and your friends is to schedule a play date. Not only will your dog be ecstatic, but you also get to hangout with your friends. Everyone comes out a winner!

Outdoor Lovers

Is your pup well behaved enough to roam off-leash? If so, there are a ton of outdoor opportunities for you and your fuzzy friend to take advantage of. If you live near mountains, streams, reservoirs or any other places where there are paths to wonder you and your animal can spend a day exploring the great outdoors. Perhaps a camping trip is in order?


Who doesn’t love to get a new toy? A shopping adventure might be a good option for you and your pet. Go to the local pet store and let your pet help you “shop,” this will give your pet an opportunity to pick their own toys and treats! Patio (dog friendly, of course) lunch to follow?

Dog Romps  

Communities everywhere have organized romps where specific breeds get together to socialize, and most importantly play. This is a great way to get out and meet other people, and a great way for your pet to make lifelong friends.

Hot Paws

Asbury Park has a lot to offer in the Springtime! Hot Paws would love for you and your pet to stop by Hot Sand. Not only is there human fun, there is also an extra special treat for your pets. Hot Paws gives your pet a fun way to share their love with you, and you will end up with a cool, lifelong keepsake. Can’t make it in? No problem. Order your Hot Paws kit and have some at-home fun!

Warmer days give an incredible amount of opportunity for fun. Hanging out with your pets has an abundance of benefits including a happier pet and a more active lifestyle. Get out and smell the flowers!