Pay Attention!

Attention between a pet and his or her owner is a two-way street. Finding the perfect balance ensures a healthy relationship and much more healthy habits for you and your fuzzy friend.  

If your pet is showing any of these signs it is likely your dog may be in need of some quality time with you. Don’t let the stressors in your life take control of your pet’s life. Your pet depends on you. Just remember a healthy you will translate into a healthy pet.

If your pet is showing any of these signs you might need to change the way you spend time with, and care for your pet.

Hey, sleepy head.

It might seem like you’ve just got a sleepy pup on your hands, but lots of sleep might indicate a pet in need of attention. Just like we need playtime so do our pets. Find some time to regularly play with your pet whether it be an indoor play session or a special training session. Being active with your pet is great for the both of you.

Hey it’s me, your dog.

It is easy to be absorbed by our personal electronic devices. As a result of too much screen time, our pets can start to feel left out and start to show signs of depression. Some signs your pet might be depressed are when you notice your pet is becoming disinterested in food or play, beginning destructive behaviors, no loner greet you at the door, and starting to have random indoor accidents. Scheduling a device free time with your pup benefits both of you.  Step away from the cell phone!

One for you, one for me.

Since your animal depends on your for food, if you are noticing weight gain, it is likely you are the culprit. It is tempting to share our human treats with our fuzzy pals but careful not to encourage poor health in your pet. There is such thing as over-treating your pet as much as they might deserve it. Always keep an eye on your pets caloric intake, and always put good things in your body!

I need a mani.

Just like we need regular grooming so do our pets. It’s no fun to have matted hair or uncomfortably long fingernails and your pet feels the same. Overgrown nails on your pup’s paws are usually a sign of neglected pet care duties. While dogs who walk on sidewalks often have naturally filed nails, it is important to regularly groom your animal which should always include a nail trim.

Aren’t you hungry?

A stressed out or depressed dog oftentimes loses its appetite. A missing appetite might mean it’s time for a vet visit. Be sure you are giving your pet all of the love and care you’d like to receive.  Lots of love will translate into a happy and healthy pet.

Life is sometimes hectic, but don’t forget about your fuzzy friend.  Our days are full of errands, electronics, and to do lists a mile long but in life’s scramble don’t forget you’ve got a pal depending on you.