The Perfect Companion

Having a companion makes an incredible difference in the everyday lives of many.  Some people understand the therapeutic value of animals, but the companionship and other health benefits can make finding your next furry friend that much more rewarding.

Tons of research has been done on human and animal bonds. The better we understand those bonds the more we realize how great an impact our dogs truly have on our everyday life.

Anxiety, Stress and Social interaction

Animals have an extra special way of helping manage stress and anxiety in their human counterparts.

Pets can help decrease feelings of isolation, resulting in easier and less stressful social interactions. While interpersonal relationships can decrease stress and anxiety, they can also be the cause. You can count on a stress-free time with your pet. Furthermore, if socializing isn’t your favorite thing, simply taking your dog on a stroll can increase your interactions close to home. Let your furry pal do the ice-breaking!

A More Active Lifestyle

Having a pet means you’ve got someone depending on you. That care does, in fact require walks. Lucky for you Fido won’t be the only one walking. If the leash is in your hand you are also reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Mood Booster  

What’s better than coming home to be greeted by a very excited furry pal? You become the light of your pet’s life and it’s great for all parties involved. Each day your pet can give you something to be responsible for, but also give you unconditional love, no questions asked.

Pain Treatment

Chronic or re-occurring pain can be stressful, and anxiety inducing. Having a pet around can decrease anxiety, and in turn decrease pain. Animals truly do have a way of comforting us in the toughest of times.


Who would have known that allergies to pet dander can be prevented by childhood pets? That is certainly something to consider if you are debating adding a furry friend to your family. Unfortunately, adults’ allergies cannot be reversed.

The power of pets is undeniable. The reasons mentioned above are just a few reasons you might consider finding a furry companion. Combine the aforementioned with how pets decrease risk of heart attack, decrease the risk of high cholesterol, lower blood pressure and prevent stroke, and you’ll wonder what you’ve been waiting for.