Are you thinking you'd like to provide your little loved one with a birthday experience they’re sure to remember forever? Not sure where to do that? Hot Sand is the place you're looking for. As we’ve learned, everyone remembers the first time they saw glassblowing! Over the last  10 years we have offered a totally unique and memorable birthday experience for many. Whether you’re looking for a first birthday experience where we do copies of the babies’ tiny feet with our well-loved QuickCast Activity or something for kids in the 4-8 year range with the SunTile Activity, we certainly have unforgettable options for any age range.

The hot fun really kicks off when the kids turn 9. Once they’re 9+ years, they can come into the hot shop and have their very own Glassblowing experience. We can do a Blow-A-Bubble party or Blow-A-Candy Dish. Maybe everyone wants to Blow-A-Drinking Glass? However you want to structure the event, one of our in-house party planners will happily assist you in creating the perfect set-up. You, your child and their guests will have a great Glassblowing experience at Hot Sand to be remembered for a lifetime…not only because awesome memories are made here, but so are awesome items, made by YOU! Feel free to let us know what's on your mind on the HOT LINE below!