Hot Paws Kit

Get your pet’s paw print cast into glass!

• Create an impression of your pet’s paw with an easy, do-it-yourself, at home kit.
• Send the impression to us in the pre-paid mailer provided.
• A glass artist from Hot Sand will use it to create a unique, clear glass paw-print and mail it back to you.

Price includes all U.S. shipping costs
From Hot Sand, the glassblowing studio at the Jersey Shore

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to create a HOT PAW...


"Hot Paws is my new favorite gift for every pet owner on my list! It's so convenient and easy to do, and a lot less stress for our furry friends!" - Rachel Sanborn

"WE LOVE our Hot Paws!!!" - 2Huskateers of Instagram

"Thank you for the opportunity to have our Odie's paw print forever! We all love this fabulous idea!" - Mary Bernyk

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