Is it hot inside of Hot Sand?

Yes. Not uncomfortably warm in the Winter/Spring/Fall (around 70°-75°), but in the Summer, it can get very warm as our furnace and equipment are running ... think 80°+. We do have central air conditioning flowing with super fans, however, the glass temperature can overpower and it does create a toasty environment. Please bring your own water.

Do you take reservations?

What is the protocol for Walk-In activities?

All Walk-In Activities are on a first come-first serve basis. We do not accept reservations for Walk-Ins. We take our last 2 project sign ups 30 minutes before the end of Walk-In hours or before if we fill up early. It is best to check our Hot Shop hours before visiting especially if you are driving from a far distance and have a group. We cannot hold your space in advance. If you are interested in booking a private party or event, please contact us directly as different rules apply in that scenario.

What is the max capacity for Group Visits to the Hot Shop?

For groups visiting Hot Sand to make work or see a demonstration, our cap for visitors at one time is 20 people. More than that increases the risk of breakage in the gallery and safety hazard for people focusing on blowing glass. If you would like to visit with more people than that, you may break up into groups to be rotated through or schedule visits on multiple days. 

Do I have to put my mouth on the pipe?

Yes, in order to expand the glass, we have you direct your breath through the blowpipe. You can use as many alcohol swabs as you like to disinfect the mouthpiece. This is the same process a nurse would use before administering a shot. If you are uncomfortable with this, the glass artist you are working with will put the air in for you, however you are then opting out of a large part of the Walk-In Activity experience. If you would like to choose a non-blowing activity, we recommend the Paperweight since it is focused on pulling, twisting and manipulating the glass instead of blowing, the SunTile or a QuickCast.

How can I do more? 

All of our artists are highly trained to work in a safe manner with a material that is 2100 degrees. The Walk-In Activities are 15 to 30 minute guided, introductory glassblowing experiences. If you would like to do more, we offer more involved Workshops that need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance and require our students to be at least 14 years of age.

Why can’t my 8 year old blow glass?

Unfortunately, we will not bend the rules on this one. For insurance purposes you must be 9 and older to enter the hot shop. When our guests are of age, we promise that everyone is safer and will get more out of the experience. The QuickCast and SunTile projects are a wonderful place for our younger guests (8 and under) to start! 

Why do I have to wait a week to pick up my piece?

All glass has to anneal, which means cool very slowly over the course of a few days after it is made. The thicker the glass, the longer it anneals. Once your piece has come out of the oven, it has to be cold worked, ground to smooth the sharp edges where it broke off of the blow pipe. Hence the weeklong wait.

Is it safe? 

Yes. All of our artists are highly trained to teach safely and it takes cooperation and focus from our guests as well, to keep everyone safe. Working with heavy materials that are over 2100 degrees is inherently dangerous. As long as everyone is respectful of these challenges and follows instructions, the risk is greatly minimized. We also have leather gloves and aprons for an added layer of protection if you wish. If you have particular concerns or circumstances about health and safety please do let us know.

What should I wear/bring?

Please wear comfortable, breathable clothing that is made of natural fibers. Avoid synthetics as they tend to be uncomfortable when your body heats up and have the potential to melt if you get to close to a heat source. Closed-toed shoes are also required for Hot Shop activities. No flip flops, no bathing suits. Please feel free to wear your sunglasses if you'd like. We always provide safety glasses. If you dehydrate easily or the forecast is on the warmer side, please bring water. It does get hot in here!

Are the items in your Glass Gallery dishwasher safe?

No. Each of the items in Glass Gallery should be hand washed to prolong the life of your functional glassware.

Do you repair glass?

No. Hot Sand does not accept repair work. We offer two resources to you: Monmouth Glass and Etelco.

Right of Refusal

Hot Sand reserves the right to refuse service to anyone we feel may compromise our safety standards. Hours and activities are subject to change.