Are you ready to bring your troop, club or class for a totally unique and wholly educational experience they’ll never forget? Look no further than Hot Sand.  Over the last 10 years, we’ve been sharing our joy for Glassblowing with schools and scouts from across the Tri-State area. Science, Math and Art are all mighty rivers which converge in the world of Glassblowing at Hot Sand and any trip to here is a Hands-On journey through that fascinating territory! Whether we are exploring the different melting points of the materials in glass, the physical composition of the material itself or the physical forces acting upon it, there is a wealth of information for us to explore. In a more artistic sense we look at additive color combinations, basic color theory and aesthetics. Any curious mind (and even the not-so curious) finds itself guided gently through any questions by one of our staff who have a deep love for glass and the glass making process. We love questions and the more the better!  Click the HOT LINE below and fill in the form to give us the info we need to get you and your group all set up. Once we receive your email, we can move forward with defining the details for your unforgettable trip to Hot Sand!